We inject spray foam directly into sagging concrete.

How does Concrete Lifting Work?

We use specialized polyurethane spray foam to lift sagged concrete from the inside, injecting spray foam directly into the affected area. No costly removal. No replacement. Just a simple, fast, effective, long-lasting repair.

We lift the existing concrete as close as possible to its original level. Spray foam flows easily and thoroughly into the affected area as we control the flow and level of rise. Spray foam is dense, watertight, and strong – perfect for this application. Plus, you’ll save money compared to replacing the damaged structures.

Multiple Applications

Spray foam concrete lifting is used in any setting where concrete has settled and created uneven areas. It is used in commercial, residential, industrial, and municipal settings. Some practical applications include home foundations, sidewalks, garage floors, driveways, concrete porches, parking lots, warehouse floors, concrete stairs, patios, waste drainage systems, and so much more.

Minimal Intrusion

We drill a 5/8″ hole into the concrete for spray foam injection. In comparison, cement slurry methods use a 1 1/2″ to 2″ hole. Not only is this the most minimally invasive way to repair your concrete – it’s the least invasive on your time! From start to finish, the whole process takes a few hours (depends on the extent of damage and total area that we’re repairing), and the surface can be used again immediately after application.

dense, Strong, & Lightweight

Spray foam flows very easily into the voided areas, gently and effectively raising the pushing the concrete to its original location. Spray foam is a lightweight polyurethane, lighter than cement, that has little impact on the soil underneath the concrete. It is tested for several essential capabilities per ASTM standards, including but not limited to density, tensile strength, water absorption, dimensional stability, and shear strength.

multiple systems

Not every application is identical. Every setting has different uses, weight, moisture levels, and multiple other factors. We take everything into consideration during our initial inspection to determine the best formulation for your application. There is no one-size-fits-all formula, but we are a one-size-fits-all spray foam company. We have every formulation available to fit your specific need.

Before & After

This is a perfect example of the effectiveness of concrete lifting on a popular application: repairing the gaps caused by concrete slabs of a residential driveway.

Driveway slab before and after concrete lifting