The Casita

This family purchased an acre and a half property in Tracy a few years ago. The property includes a gorgeous fenced-in yard and landscaped front yard. However, a small area of the property remained unfinished and was in need of some help. The family’s highest priority with this portion of the property was remodeling the casita, a “tiny house” located outside the backyard fence line. This space will be used as a guest house, so they wanted the space to be welcoming, functional, and beautiful.

Guest house remodeled in Tracy - before and after

Guest House

The casita was a simple, small house located on the perimeter of the property. The family wanted to have this tiny house available for friends and family to use when staying over, as a social gathering space, or as a place to rent out. When we first entered the building, we saw so much potential. It was a large open space, with a loft located upstairs. The family wanted to keep the loft and adjoining storage/garage as-is. So our remodeling efforts focused on the downstairs. This included a kitchen, bathroom, and living area.

Progress of the casita remodel, focused on the staircaseStaircase

When designing the casita, we noted the original open staircase that leads to the loft. We decided to add a wall both for aesthetics and for safety.

White Ceiling

We painted over the natural wood ceiling to give the space a modern, open, airy feel. The family wanted everything to look simple and neutral, and a white ceiling was a step in the right direction.

Recessed lighting

We removed the original lighting and replaced it with modern recessed lighting.

Project Photos

Casita bathroom and kitchen before and after

Before & After

The difference between the before and after of this project is remarkable. We just had to show off another before & after photo! We used this area of the open space to create a bathroom, kitchen, and a wall over the open staircase. The staircase is much safer and appealing, while the bathroom is the only closed-off room downstairs. Everything else is part of the open layout. We did extend a gas line from the main house in order to have gas access, which we used for the new gas stove. The entire area is new, from ceiling to floor, and the family is overjoyed at the end result.

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