The owners of this modular home in Tracy are a retired couple who simply wanted to add some exterior shade to help keep cool. So we custom built this deck from Trex decking. Trex is the most durable, weatherproof decking material out there. With galvanized steel and the life-long durability from Trex, we built something that will last for many many years to come.

Before and After

When they first built their modular home on this property in 2016, these two ladies kept it simple. They chose a home that provided just enough space for the two of them. But they soon realized they would need more accessibility into their home. They’re older and it was a nuisance to carry bags up and down the stairs. In the long term, they knew they would prefer a ramp. This would be a safer option for them, for future canes, walkers, or potentially wheelchairs. Plus it’s just generally safer to go up and down a ramp rather than stairs. Smart thinking! Plus, the summers are so hot and they wanted the exterior shade to help with cooling cost.

before and after photos of Trex deck built on modular home in TracyFrom Rough Doodles to Concept

The first thing we did was take a photo of the exterior and doodled on top to get an idea of what they wanted. We roughly (very roughly) sketched out a deck with a ramp off to the left side, and two sets of stairs. They requested we add a second set of stairs on the other side of the deck for their dog to get up and down more easily. Plus, it just makes sense to have accessibility from both sides.

The ramp was to be on the side nearest where they park their car to make it easier to get into the house and wheel groceries inside. We knew we would also have to extend the water line and build a custom roof to overlap over the roof of their home. As it’s a modular home, they wanted the structure to be free-standing, so we had to get creative. No problem!

From these little doodles, we ended up with something really beautiful for them that they really appreciated.

cad drawing for custom deck

Second deck

For the second deck, we repurposed the original staircase on the side of the house. We re-supported it, built out the landing, and added a patio cover overhead. We essentially combined the two staircases. As these ladies were on a tight budget and this was an addition to the main project at the front of the house, we used redwood and pressure treated lumber. Once that was done, we painted everything to match the house and to weatherproof it.

View the video to see the end result:

deck built with Trex on modular homeOur Partners

Every project is a team effort. In a home remodel, it’s common for us to rely on a plumber or a painter to assist with the extra tasks that they are more qualified to complete. Since we have strong connections with local businesses, our clients know that they can rely on us to get any job done with the highest quality possible. For this project, we had Simpson Plumbing extend the water line for us, and our local Fresh Coat Painters paint the deck.

Practical but Beautiful

This entire project took about a month to complete. The purpose of this project was very practical for these homeowners, but we made sure that the end result was beautiful. It’s something that they’ll be proud to have as part of their home and will enjoy for a long time.

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