We remodeled this bathroom with a Vintage Industrial design. This is one of the most original, unique bathroom remodels we completed last year.

before and after photos of shower remodel in Manteca bathroom

Starting Fresh

When we met Paul, a single man living in Manteca, we were struck by the clean, modern styles throughout his home. Stainless steel and chrome-finished appliances and fixtures filled his beautiful home. We knew that this bathroom remodel had to match this look. Paul gave us free reign to design this bathroom to have it fit in nicely with his modern style. Much of the design in his home is Vintage Industrial, which was perfect for the bathroom too.

Paul had previously hired a contractor for this bathroom remodel, who tore out the old bathroom and acquired a few design pieces that we ended up using when we took over. These included some of the tile, faucets, and paint. It was nice to have a practically blank canvas to work with, along with a few tools. But of course, our creativity is what really drove the entire design home.

Bathroom Ripped Out

Here’s the blank canvas we started with. Our apologies for no “before photos” to show what the former bathroom looked like, but this is how we began the project. We did some final cleanup of the area, planned out the entire design, and got to work.

Stainless Steel Inlay

We decided to challenge ourselves with this bathroom design. Since Paul had stainless steel items throughout the home, we decided to do something we’d never seen done before: a stainless steel inlay in the shower tile. We sketched out a design and used the template to cut a full sheet of stainless panel with a plasma cutter. This was one of the most time-consuming tasks of this project. Once the panel was cut, we inlaid it into the White Carrara Marble tile, which had to be perfectly notched to fit the stainless steel.

Frameless double glass door shower with stainless steel inlaid into the white carrara marble tile

Frameless Double Glass Doors

Surrounding this walk-in shower was a glass enclosure with double glass doors. This is a very unique enclosure type that we engineered specifically for this shower. It is almost unheard of to have frameless double glass doors in a walk-in shower. We had to engineer the header (the glass piece that connects the left and right glass panels around the doors) to structurally support and connect the panels of glass. This is definitely a glass door system that is unique to this build. Practically all other double glass doors are attached to walls or framed. Our custom-built glass enclosure is unique in that its framing and hinges are on the glass panels themselves.

High-End Functionality

Not only does this bathroom look modern, but the functional systems are modern as well. We went all out with the drain systems, design, and valves. Our team chooses only the most high-quality parts for our remodels.

We chose a linear shower drain system by Infinity Drain in this shower. The floor tiles are flat and drain straight into the drain. The floor tile is also tiled into the inner section of the drain piece so that you only see a small 1/4″ wide gap where the water drains. The end result was a very unique drain system that really classes up the shower.

The shower valve and rain shower head in this shower are from Rohl, a high-end manufacturer of faucets, fixtures, and accessories for baths and kitchens.

free standing tub and glass walk-in shower
bidet installed in Manteca bathroom

Free-Standing Bathtub and Bidet

To further enhance the elegance and functionality of this bathroom, we installed a free-standing bathtub and a bidet system. The hexagon/honeycomb tile was chosen as yet another design element seen elsewhere in the home. The staircase has hexagon shapes, and the tiles in the guest bathroom and downstairs powder room had hexagonal tile as well. This hexagon shape was a perfect choice for the Vintage Industrial theme of this bathroom.

We couldn’t be happier with how this bathroom turned out. Our client loved it as well and is so pleased with the seamless transition from the adjoining room. The goal was to create a unique design while keeping with the design theme throughout the home, and we did just that.

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