This is part two of the huge project we’re working on in Manteca. Check out part one here, the customized vintage industrial bathroom.

Check out one of the most unique, exciting kitchens (and media room!) that we’ve ever built.

vintage industrial kitchen in Manteca

Vintage Industrial

The owner of this home is a single guy living in Manteca. He wanted his dream home to be made into reality: a masculine, industrial-style home, both inside and out. Every new, customized detail of this home reflects this style.

Together, we decided upon a vintage industrial theme, which is the perfect blend of machinery and vintage. We take the industrial, factory, machine-built style, and soften it with wooden features. Vintage industrial is the perfect blend of wood, rock, stone, and steel. The end result is something like the beautiful kitchen you see here.

vintage industrial media room in Manteca

The Media Room

This media room is in the same space as the kitchen, creating a nice open space for living in. We crafted these steel shelving units ourselves, completely custom built to create exactly what this owner wanted.

These units are made of steel with a clear coat on top, then distressed to fit the vintage industrial theme. The wood used for the shelving on the inside is mahogany. At night, a lovely orange light illuminates the shelving from the inside, which creates a nice effect.

The details

The details we put into this project are insane.

custom spaces for kitchen shelves

Custom Spacers

It may be hard to tell from this photo, but we’re proud of this little detail. Since the backsplash was jagged stacked stone, and we had to install open shelving with brackets, we had to get creative to create level shelves. We decided to cut pipes to make custom spaces to create that level surface for mounting. It worked perfectly.

smart lighting inside vintage industrial kitchen and entryway

Smart Lighting

This owner wanted everything to be as high end as possible, so the lighting throughout the home is automated and intelligent. The system used creates customized programs controlled by his phone. Of course, the wall switches can be turned on and off as that’s mandatory and up to code.

The lighting home automation system has a ton of different programs to choose from and are customizable. One example is the “movie mode” which turns on lighting that’s perfect for when watching TV, with path lights in the kitchen and hallway. There’s an “entertain mode,” a “go to bed mode,” indoor and outdoor modes, and so much more. Our licensed electrician had lots of fun installing and then playing with this!

vintage industrial kitchen with sconces and pendant lighting

Sconces & Pendants

The light fixtures we decided to use in the kitchen reflect the “vintage” in vintage industrial. The sconces above the shelving illuminate everything throughout the kitchen really well and give it a really nice old style. The lights hanging above the island are classic pendant fixtures with wooden bases that are reminiscent of lanterns. All bulbs used are Edison bulbs, which give an instant vintage style to any light fixture.

Waterstone Faucet & Pot Filler

The faucet and pot filler are such unique fixtures in this kitchen that will really catch a guest’s eye. It’s a talking point! Waterstone makes high-quality brass faucets that are truly meant to last. Everything they make is 100% created in the USA. The Wheel Pulldown Faucet is one-of-a-kind, with a unique pulley system that doesn’t snap back like other faucets. Plus, the look of the wheel really adds to the overall style of this kitchen.

Quartzite Countertops

Quartzite is currently our top choice in most kitchens we remodel. It is strong, long-lasting, heat-resistant, and requires very little maintenance. It’s harder than quartz and granite and a lot less work to upkeep than marble. Plus, it looks beautiful and is available in a ton of different patterns, making it an excellent choice for any style kitchen.

Media Room

Back to the media room. The only thing we retained from the original room was the shiplap walls, with the same shade of grey found in an adjacent room of the house. When standing in this room, it’s visually appealing and ties the rooms together as you move throughout this portion of the home.

The flooring installed in this entire area, including the kitchen and the media room together, was porcelain tile. Porcelain tile is an excellent choice for floors that will see a lot of wear, and water-resistant. It’s the perfect choice for a kitchen and living area. Plus, the design we chose looks great in the entire room. We love the arrangement of the lines between the tiles and the pattern created.

Stay tuned for part three of this project!

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