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what is spray foam Insulation?

When you think about insulation, you probably picture the large rolls of fluffy fiberglass that are placed inside walls. Or perhaps you’re visualizing the dusty insulation that gets blown into an attic. These traditional types of insulation are standard in most buildings, but are outdated when it comes to energy savings as well as your health. There are a few different insulation options out there to choose from, but none compare to the value of spray foam.

With spray foam insulation, you won’t see insulation arrive in bulky rolls. What you will see is polyurethane insulation material sprayed directly onto or into the desired area by a licensed professional. It’s ideal for insulating every type of building, from single family homes to large warehouses.

Insulate Your Attic

If you’re looking for ways to save on your monthly utility bills, improving the insulation in your home should be top of the list. In homes, the attic is a common culprit of heat loss in your home and the easiest to improve. Adding spray foam insulation to your attic instantly gives your HVAC system and ductwork a break, which naturally leads to a reduction in heating and cooling costs.


The entire purpose of insulation is to prevent cool air from escaping in the summer and retaining the warm air in the winter. It’s also vital that moisture not get into the insulation, which can lead to mold. With spray foam insulation, you are essentially sealing the “envelope” of your home. Every surface covered is airtight and moisture-tight.


It is so important in today’s economy to bring monthly costs as low as realistically possible. Your monthly utility bills are no exception. Ensure that your building is properly insulated from day one with the most economical insulation choice: spray foam insulation, installed by licensed technicians.

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