Tenant Improvement

We work with landlords and business owners to create inviting, unique, modern spaces.

New Space, Unlimited Potential

The countless options for a new space are often overwhelming for business owners, tenants, and even landlords. Even if you know what design you would like, it can be difficult to figure out all the details yourself. When we see a new space, we see its potential. Our experience and love of design-build gives us the unique ability to visualize the end result. We see the finished project for your thriving new business.

Our team has the experience you need for your build-outs and leasehold improvements. From start to finish, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We’ll plan the space, select the materials, troubleshoot any obstacles, and make sensible improvements that will create a space you and your customers will love.

Within Your Budget and Timeframe

Likely, your top priorities with your tenant improvement are staying under budget and ensuring that you can open on time. These two things are very important to us as well. From day one, we determine your budget and work out a plan that sticks to your timeline.

We always provide a detailed schedule so that you know what our goals are every single day of your project. You are always kept in the loop every step of the way.

Local Contractors

We are a local team of licensed and bonded contractors, which directly benefits you and your business.


We love taking blank or outdated spaces and designing from scratch. (We also are pros at joining after the design phase and following existing or required plans)

Electrical Work

During the project, it’s common to come across electrical problems. Our licensed electricians are prepared to handle all electrical jobs and get everything up to code.

Safety & Health

A tenant improvement or build-out is about more than just the design. Your new space also needs to be up to code, with improvements from fire safety to accessibility to ventilation.

Less Overhead

A small team means less overhead, which in the end means that you save money in comparison to a large, bloated construction company.

Fast Communication

You will always hear back from us much more quickly than you would with a large company.

Your Bottom Line

We care about your bottom line. You need a job done correctly the first time, and you need it done quickly so that your business can run smoothly. We work with you to ensure that everything moves along as it should.

We Work Quickly

Our team is focused on getting your doors open as quickly as possible while ensuring that everything is completed to your satisfaction.  

Flexible Scheduling

We are very flexible with our scheduling in order to efficiently complete the job. We understand local regulations, working with your neighbors, and other factors that come into play.

We Care

We care about every aspect of your build. We use only the best materials with the best techniques. The result is beautiful, efficient commercial and retail build-outs that exceed expectations every time.

Recent Project

Tenant Improvement for a Local Children’s Hair Salon

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beginning of construction of Pigtails & Crewcutsinterior of Pigtails and Crewcuts in Danville