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Our Five Step Process

Working with a licensed contractor makes a huge difference.

Moisture meter with high reading of 33%

The moisture meter is one of the most essential tools that we use in order to determine the extent of water damage. In this photo, the reading shows 33% moisture, which is quite high. An acceptable reading would be less than 11%.

Once we remove damaged areas and are ready to begin the full drying process, we set up drying equipment in the area, as in the photo below. We want the entire area to be completely dry before proceeding with cleaning, repairs, and restoration.

drying equipment set up in room during water damage restoration

Discover the difference with Elevated Development Construction Inc

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Serger Ivaschenko, owner of Elevated Development Construction

Don’t Let Your Insurance Company Choose Your Restoration Service

Many homeowners believe that they must let their insurance carrier choose their restoration service.

That is false.

It doesn’t matter what state you live in; it is the policyholder who gets to choose their restoration company.

While many insurance carriers will try to push you towards the cheapest contractor possible, why restore your home with sub-par work? If you want to take this opportunity to upgrade your kitchen, bathroom, or any other damaged part of your home, we’re happy to help. Just take a look at some of our other work or call us today to get started.

He treated the house as if it was his own to repair. I am very grateful to find an awesome team, passionate about work and very considerate of customer’s needs. Sergey and his team, you all rock! Highly recommend Elevated Development to everyone, and you will not be disappointed by their high quality work and excellent customer service!

-Lilian X in Mountain House

Don’t Wait

It’s important to make sure that your water damage is treated immediately. If your water or flood-damaged property isn’t properly dehumidified and disinfected, you could face dangerous mold growth. Don’t put your home and your family at risk. Call Elevated Development Construction Inc at the first sign of trouble.

Long-Term Damage

When you think water damage, you may think of a water heater that suddenly leaks or a washing machine that malfunctions. However, often water damage can come in much more insidious forms, such as unseen pipe bursts, defective plumbing fixtures, or something as simple as a leaky roof. Leaks such as these, left unattended, lead to permanently damaged electronics, floors, and even health concerns like mold and mildew.

If you suspect a leak or a concern of any kind, give us a call and we can help advise you on next steps.

Home Insurance

Did you know that the policy holder gets to choose the restoration service?
water damaged shower before and after
water damaged bathroom before and after

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